Turquoise a healing stone of beauty and desire!

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Turquoise a healing stone of beauty and desire!

Turquoise is known for having a unique and mystical attraction. It is believed that turquoise especially with the black lines or parts in them are called Navajo turquoise and help keep connections and the state of love with others. It is also believed that the healing stone draws out or realigns negative vibrations. Turquoise also dissipates negative energy by drawing it from the body.

Turquoise has been known for thousands of years as having good luck and healing the sick. Native Americans refer to turquoise as the sky stone or “pieces of sky”. – Native American Indians have cherished turquoise for its beauty and believed spiritual and life giving powers for hundreds of years.

The healing stone Turquoise is now used as the gemstone for the physic realm, wealth, luck, love, and protection. The healing abilities of Turquiose are many mental and mood disorders such as stress, anorexia, high blood pressure, depression but also can has healing abilities for issues such as infections, throat and lung problems, and teeth issues.   To sum up this stones abilites would be to say it improves one’s healing abilities and immune system.  

Now lets get to the Jewelry part!  Some of the most beautiful pieces of healing jewelry contain turquoise, because turquoise is a very attractive and beautiful looking stone it is easy to see how this stone makes beautiful pieces of healing jewelry.  

Take a look at some beautiful pieces below that I prefer:

Sterling Silver Turquoise Double Strand Necklace with Toggle Closure,17.5″
publisher: Amazon.com Collection
sales rank: 6185
price: $53.00 (new)

Reminisce about warm summer days and cool ocean breezes when wearing the Sterling Silver Turquoise Double Strand Necklace with Toggle Closure. Layer on 18 inches of beaded turquoise on sterling silver. The two strands splash a cool sensation of bright turquoise tones with uniform shapes onto your day’s ensemble. Sweeping across your neckline, this beaded piece adds a boost of color to your favorite neutral-toned tops.

Turquoise Jewelry Heishi Bead Silver Necklace. – NK-0007
publisher: Native American Jewelry
sales rank: 1171983
price: $49.95 (new)

This Turquoise Jewelry Heishi Bead Silver Necklace is just full of natural beauty. Turquoise jewelry is high in fashion now for its elegant natural colors. This necklace has been hand strung with gorgeous flat nuggets of genuine Turquoise. These Turquoise nuggets each feature their natural cool colors and earthy matrix. Just like snowflakes, no two Turquoise nuggets are exactly alike. Hand made heishi beads of genuine Penn Shell provide the spacing between Turquoise nuggets. The Penn Shell heishi provides this necklace with natural earth tone colors. Turquoise necklace is 30″ long.

Satya Jewelry Silver Turquoise, Hamsa, Lotus Charm Necklace
publisher: Satya Jewelry
ASIN: B003ZYF954
sales rank: 26144
price: $98.00 (new)

A fine 18″ sterling silver chain brings together a deep blue-green turquoise raindrop, a stunning oval pendant engraved with a Hamsa, and a raised lotus disc pendant. Substantial yet dainty enough to wear with almost any outfit, this necklace is a powerful amulet for the protection of the wearer. Turquoise, the stone of healing, and the Hamsa which protects against negative energies, meet the lotus as a symbol of renewal and transformation.

Turquoise Butterfly Gemstone Necklace and Earrings Set Fashion Jewelry
ASIN: B00523ME04
sales rank: 43686
price: $24.99 (new)

This is a gorgeous turquoise butterfly gemstone necklace and earrings set. This unique silvertone necklace has small silver hoops combined with silver ornaments and holds a beautiful turquoise stone butterfly pendant with silver chain tassles and a single clear crystal hanging below it. Necklace is 20″ long and comes with matching turquoise fish hook earrings. Your necklace and earrings set will come to you in a foil gift box great for gift giving. Box may be a different color than the one shown.



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