The Crystal Tears of Hasnah Meselmani

Dec 16, 2010 by

A young Lebanese girl named Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani began crying what appeared to be tears made of a sharp, crystal-like material. Surprisingly uninjured, the girl’s father brought her to countless physicians and universities to determine the mysterious tear’s origins. Despite the efforts, no conclusions could be drawn from the studies, however, Hasnah has experienced conversations with a white knight who announced that she was the messenger of God, with her tears serving as proof. Hasnah’s crystal tears have been collected all over the world for their miraculous healing properties, and even made into charms, necklaces and rings. This particular necklace made from a single tear known to have been shed from Hasnah herself is extremely effective at removing ailments, healing broken bones or wounds, or even purifying one’s surroundings. Hasnah’s tears are often used to banish any malevolent spirits or energy in a new home, and are very popular with couples beginning a new family in a new home.

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