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Our bodies have a powerful but incomplete ability of self-curing. Healing through stone and crystals helps to activate the healing abilities the body already contains. There are no harmful side effects since stones and crystals come from the earth and have a specific natural frequency in which it vibrates and is merely "reminding" the body of its natural healthy vibration. 
Healing stones and crystals are said to correspond with the different chakras of the body. It is believed we have seven different main energy centers/chakras on our bodies and each has a different purpose or kind of energy. Using the stone or crystal that clears, balances or attunes a specific chakra will help heal any blockages in that energy center.
This is where jewelry serves its purpose in healing. Healing Jewelry is not only gorgeous and beautiful but healing jewelry pieces contain healing gemstones and crystals.  You can get a piece of jewelry that has one large stone or crystal to help with a specific chakra or you may wear a piece of jewelry that has a crystal or stone for each chakra. 
I have created a list below for information on each chakra and its most popular corresponding gemstone. 
7th Chakra – Crown Chakra
Chakra Color: VIOLET
Chakra Location: Top of Head
Responsible for transcendence, imagination, creativity and a sense of order.
Gemstone: Amethyst
6th Chakra – 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra
Chakra Color: INDIGO
Chakra Location: Between eye brows
Responsible for sensitivity, spiritual, intuition, hunches.
Gemstone: Turquoise
5th Chakra – Throat Chakra
Chakra Color: BLUE
Chakra Location: Behind throat
Responsible for communication, memory, and idealism.
Gemstone: Lapis
4th Chakra- Heart Chakra
Chakra Color: GREEN
Chakra Location: At the heart
Responsible security, compassion, love, finance and abundance .
Gemstone: Malachite

3rd Chakra – Navel Chakra
Chakra Color: YELLOW
Chakra Location: Solar Plexis
Responsible for organization, intelligence, thinking, clarity, logic and will power.
Gemstone: Citrine
2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra
Chakra Color: ORANGE
Chakra Location: Below navel
Responsible for gregariousness, exploration, pleasure and ambition.
Gemstone: Amber
1st Chakra – Root Chakra
Chakra Color: RED
Chakra Location: Base of spine
Responsible for survival, security, fear, action, vitality and sensuality.
Gemstone: Garnet
Some healing stones and crystals are more popular than others. Amethyst is very popular and one of the most used in Healing Jewelry. However, I find that jewelry pieces with healing stones and crystals for all seven chakras to be very powerful and healing. 

Good Vibes Seven Chakra Bracelet
publisher: YogaAccessories (TM)
EAN: 0844730095307
sales rank: 13466
price: $180.00 (new)

Spread good vibes with our Good Vibes seven chakra bracelet. It is made with sterling silver and colored cubic zirconia stones for the most vibrant chakra colors.

Chakras are energy crossroads, linking the physical body with the spiritual through an energy canal down the body. Each of the seven chakras has different properties and corresponds to a different mantra, color, stone and shape.

crown chakra for enlightenment, unity and serenity
forehead chakra for intuition, wisdom and insight
throat chakra for communication, honesty and integrity
heart chakra for universal love, purity and compassion
solar plexus chakra for will power, assertion and trust
sacral chakra for sensuality, growth and creativity
root chakra for patience, stability and strength

Sterling silver, 29.8 g. Made in Thailand. 7.5" (20 cm).

Chakra Bracelet – Gemstone Beaded Chakras Balancing Reiki Adjustable Bracelet
publisher: Heart Projects, LLC
sales rank: 36560
price: $14.99 (new)

Allow the harmonious energy properties of the vibrant gemstones in our Chakramid® Seven-Chakra Adjustable Bracelet to permeate your body, mind and spirit. Seven sets of rainbow-colored gemstones (6mm & 8mm) are specially selected to correspond with your seven major chakras. Open yourself to feel the collective balancing energy of the gemstones, set the intention of harmony and balance in your life, and embrace yourself just as you are with an unconditionally loving spirit. Heart Projects' Chakramid® Seven-Chakra bracelet comes with an owner's manual that has a brief introduction to chakras and the metaphysical meanings of the seven chakra gemstones in our bracelet. ***** Stimulate the balancing of your chakras by using our Heart Projects ChakraMid® Bracelet. There are seven major Chakras (energy centers) in our bodies and each gemstone bead (6mm & 8mm) in this bracelet corresponds with one of the Chakras as noted below: (1st) Red Jasper, (2nd) Carnelian, (3rd) Golden Jade, (4th) Green Aventurine, (5th) Amazonite, (6th) Sodalite (7th) Amethyst. This bracelet measures approximately 7" and features a 1.5" extender chain at the end with a lobster claw closure (total length approximately 8.5") to help fit most wrist sizes.

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Turquoise a healing stone of beauty and desire!

Turquoise is known for having a unique and mystical attraction. It is believed that turquoise especially with the black lines or parts in them are called Navajo turquoise and help keep connections and the state of love with others. It is also believed that the healing stone draws out or realigns negative vibrations. Turquoise also dissipates negative energy by drawing it from the body.

Turquoise has been known for thousands of years as having good luck and healing the sick. Native Americans refer to turquoise as the sky stone or "pieces of sky". – Native American Indians have cherished turquoise for its beauty and believed spiritual and life giving powers for hundreds of years.

The healing stone Turquoise is now used as the gemstone for the physic realm, wealth, luck, love, and protection. The healing abilities of Turquiose are many mental and mood disorders such as stress, anorexia, high blood pressure, depression but also can has healing abilities for issues such as infections, throat and lung problems, and teeth issues.   To sum up this stones abilites would be to say it improves one's healing abilities and immune system.  

Now lets get to the Jewelry part!  Some of the most beautiful pieces of healing jewelry contain turquoise, because turquoise is a very attractive and beautiful looking stone it is easy to see how this stone makes beautiful pieces of healing jewelry.  

Take a look at some beautiful pieces below that I prefer:

Sterling Silver Turquoise Double Strand Necklace with Toggle Closure,17.5"
publisher: Collection
sales rank: 6185
price: $53.00 (new)

Reminisce about warm summer days and cool ocean breezes when wearing the Sterling Silver Turquoise Double Strand Necklace with Toggle Closure. Layer on 18 inches of beaded turquoise on sterling silver. The two strands splash a cool sensation of bright turquoise tones with uniform shapes onto your day's ensemble. Sweeping across your neckline, this beaded piece adds a boost of color to your favorite neutral-toned tops.

Turquoise Jewelry Heishi Bead Silver Necklace. – NK-0007
publisher: Native American Jewelry
sales rank: 1171983
price: $49.95 (new)

This Turquoise Jewelry Heishi Bead Silver Necklace is just full of natural beauty. Turquoise jewelry is high in fashion now for its elegant natural colors. This necklace has been hand strung with gorgeous flat nuggets of genuine Turquoise. These Turquoise nuggets each feature their natural cool colors and earthy matrix. Just like snowflakes, no two Turquoise nuggets are exactly alike. Hand made heishi beads of genuine Penn Shell provide the spacing between Turquoise nuggets. The Penn Shell heishi provides this necklace with natural earth tone colors. Turquoise necklace is 30" long.

Satya Jewelry Silver Turquoise, Hamsa, Lotus Charm Necklace
publisher: Satya Jewelry
ASIN: B003ZYF954
sales rank: 26144
price: $98.00 (new)

A fine 18" sterling silver chain brings together a deep blue-green turquoise raindrop, a stunning oval pendant engraved with a Hamsa, and a raised lotus disc pendant. Substantial yet dainty enough to wear with almost any outfit, this necklace is a powerful amulet for the protection of the wearer. Turquoise, the stone of healing, and the Hamsa which protects against negative energies, meet the lotus as a symbol of renewal and transformation.

Turquoise Butterfly Gemstone Necklace and Earrings Set Fashion Jewelry
ASIN: B00523ME04
sales rank: 43686
price: $24.99 (new)

This is a gorgeous turquoise butterfly gemstone necklace and earrings set. This unique silvertone necklace has small silver hoops combined with silver ornaments and holds a beautiful turquoise stone butterfly pendant with silver chain tassles and a single clear crystal hanging below it. Necklace is 20" long and comes with matching turquoise fish hook earrings. Your necklace and earrings set will come to you in a foil gift box great for gift giving. Box may be a different color than the one shown.




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Chakra Pendant – Chakra Stones Pendant Review

This Chakra stones pendant is stunning in person.  I would recommend a white gold or silver chain to match the silver on the pendant.  This is so gorgeous most people don't even know its something "spiritual" they just see how beautiful it is, definitely one of the best looking Chakra Necklaces I have seen.   This Chakra stones pendant gets a lot of compliments, you can feel the energy the pendant contains.  It feels very healing.  



The stones in this chakra pendant have been beautifully shaped and faceted to form a pillar of healing chakra crystals. Chakra gemstones are from bottom to top – garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, iolite, and amethyst. Measures approximately 1/1/2 inches in length. Handcrafted and set in sterling silver.

  • Beautifully shaped and faceted to form a pillar of healing chakra crystals
  • Chakra gemstones are garnet, carnelian, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, iolite, and amethyst
  • Measures approximately 1/1/2 inches in length
  • Handcrafted and set in sterling silver

For more Information visit: Chakra Pendant

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Healing Jewerly – Lepidolite Chakra Bracelet

The Lepidolite stone on this chakra bracelet is gorgeous and one of my favorite pieces of Healing Jewelry . I was a little hesitant because I didn't know how I would like the bangle that the stone is on but it actually looks much better in person.  Words can not describe how stunning the stone on this chakra bracelet is.  The Lepidolite stone on this bracelet is a stone that helps align and cleanse the third chakra.  The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra which is located on your belly.  This chakra is responsible for your personal power.  So to intensify the healing properties of this chakra bracelet, I would suggest laying the chakra bracelet on your belly when you are laying on your back, either while reading a book or watching tv.  

Natural Lepidolite is set on a new crystal healing bracelet. This is a genuine Lepidolite stone. The stone is set on a gold rectangle metal bangle.


  • Measures: Approx 8"L (2.5"H x 2.6"W stone)
  • Chakra: 3rd Eye
  • One-of-Kind
  • This is an original piece handcrafted in the USA with genuine crystals, natural and/or found elements.
  • Lepidolite: eases tension of overanalyzing; Quartz: master healing crystal

Healing Jewerly – Lepidolite Chakra Bracelet

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Healing Jewelry – Amethyst Jewelry


Amethyst is a purple color quartz crystal.  It forms in clusters and has been used for Jewelry and Healing for decades. 

 The belief is that healing powers of mother earth are embedded in the crystal as it forms. It is believed that crystals can help with healing any many ways such as a therapy for pain, strain and depression. Each crystal has a different purpose or healing power. 

Amethyst is known as a natural tranquilizer, relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, helps relieve fear, rage, anger and anxiety.  Amethyst is also used to open up the intuition and develop psychic abilities.  It has strong healing and cleansing powers.  It calms and stimulates the mind, helps with focus, improving memory and improving motivation.  It relieves insomnia.  Encourages spiritual wisdom.

Amethyst is also known to boost hormone production and metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and cleanses the blood.  Relieves pain or stress.  Eases headaches and releases tension.  

Amethyst is also often connected with royalty. The purple color reflects royalty and spirituality.

In jewelry, the deepest tones of Amethyst are regarded the most valuable.



Silver Wire Wrapped Natural Amethyst Crystal Point
publisher: Something Glassy
ASIN: B001F37W5M
sales rank: 291
price: $3.63 (new)

Wire wrapped Amethyst crystal point. These can be added to any chain or wire choker.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Butterfly Pendant, 18"
publisher: Collection
sales rank: 101
price: $15.00 (new)

Round and marquise-shaped amethyst stones form bright butterfly wings in this charming sterling silver pendant. The stones are held securely in prong settings and frame a silver centerpiece detailed with polished bead accents. Appointed with a split bale, this pendant slides along an 18-inch sterling silver frozantin chain that fastens in back with a spring ring clasp. Amethyst, the birthstone for February, is a gemstone that has been prized by royalty throughout the ages for its regal purple color.


1.95 cttw 925 Sterling Silver 14K Gold Plated Genuine Heart Shaped Amethyst Pendant
publisher: Finejewelers
ASIN: B001I8A300
price: $99.99 (new)

925 Sterling Silver 14K Gold Plated Genuine Heart Shaped Amethyst Pendant crafted in 14k White Gold Plated Silver Dimensions: Width: 0.25 Inches Length: 0.75 Inches. 1 Stone 1.90 Carats 8 mm Heart Shaped Color: Violet Clarity: Clean, 1 Stone 0.05 Carats White Quartz Color: Colorless Clarity: Clean Free 18 inches chain included . Finejewelers Style Number: 26720.

Sterling Silver Amethyst with Purple Enamel Women's Ring, Size 9
publisher: Collection
price: $39.00 (new)

Mesmerizing on the eyes, graceful to the touch, the alluring Sterling Silver Enamel with Amethyst Ring is a gorgeous way of adding a semblance of majesty to your expression. Rich glossy purple enamel coats the length of this 925 sterling silver band and is prominently highlighted by the inclusion of several oval amethyst gems in an ornate sterling silver flourish. Add sizzling sparkle to a floral dress or dark professional ensemble with this engaging accessory.

17.80Ct.Beautiful 20 x 15.1 mm. Oval Concave Vivid Purple Amethyst

US $5.99 (0 Bid)
End Date: Monday Oct-24-2011 0:39:18 PDT
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beautiful 100" 8mm round nature amethyst necklace

US $19.99 (0 Bid)
End Date: Monday Oct-24-2011 0:39:31 PDT
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Chi Energy Pranic Healing Pendant

This Pranic healing pendant is said to bring spiritual contentment and increases chi energy. The Pendant is a beautiful 5.5cm long and is made of fine grade pewter, silver plate.

I bought this pranic healing pendant as a gift for a very spiritual friend of mind. At first I was concerned about the quality and if the pendant would look cheaply made but I was pleasantly surprised, this pendant was gorgeous and I think she assumed I spent way more than I did. She wears this pendant daily and it stills looks beautiful. She has told me several times that she feels the pendant helps her stay calm and grounded. Whether the pendant just reminds her to relax or if it spiritual helps her, either way it is a very important part of her now. I highly suggest this amazing pendant.


BICO AUSTRALIA JEWELRY (E106) Pranic Air – Chi Energy Spiritual Contentment

Brand: Pendants – Bico – Tribal Jewelry

Feature: Chi Energy Spiritual Contentment


To find out more or to purchase this pendant visit: Pranic Healing Chi Jewelry

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Sterling Silver Chakra Bracelet

This Chakra bracelet is of very good quality and the picture below does not do it justice.  What I find unique about this Chakra bracelet is that it is made of real sterling silver.  This bracelet is gorgeous in person and it is absolutely one of my favorite chakra bracelets. Silver is considered to be protective, calming, and to have money-drawing vibrations.

This bracelet is made in Rhode Island by American Craftsmen and Women.  All of their items are handcrafted to order. Although we will do our best to ship items to you quickly, please allow 7-10 days for delivery… We are custom making it for you.

Chakras are believed to be energy centers that exist in the physical body. They function as valves directing the flow of energy through our system. Chakras are not physical, but rather aspects of our consciousness. There are seven major chakras within our body, arranged vertically from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

VIOLET/PURPLE is for the CROWN chakra, at the top of the head = BEAUTY, CREATIVITY,  INSPIRATION
INDIGO is for the BROW chakra or third eye, in the centre of the forehead = INTUITION,  MYSTICISM, UNDERSTANDING
YELLOW is for the SOLAR PLEXUS chakra, situated below the ribs = WISDOM, CLARITY, SELF-ESTEEM
ORANGE is for the SACRAL chakra situated in the lower abdomen = HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, RESOURCEFULNESS
RED is for the BASE chakra situated at the base of the spine = VITALITY, COURAGE, SELF CONFIDENCE

Each energy center represents an emotion or psychological state and each is linked to a color. Let this beautiful bracelet help you in balancing your entire being- body, mind, spirit, soul. The natural properties of gemstones characterize the unique beauty of each piece. The image may show slight differences to the actual stone color. Mother would approve!  Sterling Silver Made in the USA, giving American's jobs. Fits standard woman's wrist We are the manufacturer and every piece is custom made for you. All genuine stones includes, garnet, Amber, Tiger Eye, Malacite, Tourquoise, Amethyst, Moonstone. Our silver is refined with reclaimed silver …saving the earth's natural resources. For more reviews or to buy this product visit:  Healing Chakra Bracelet

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Healing Jewelry Resources

In doing lots of research on healing  jewelry mostly in the area of searching for products I can believe in and proof they work, I have come across a few articles that I would like to reference for anyone who happens to land here while I am attempting to get this site up and running.

I hope you enjoy the following articles:

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  • Breaking News: Healing Jewelry, Healing Gems, Psychic Proctection … – Breaking News: Healing Jewelry, Healing Gems, Psychic Proctection Classy Jewelry – now has a lay away plan for the holidays! At More Than Gems. Posted on September 28, 2011 by tonyasomers. BREAKING NEWS: I am now accepting a layaway …
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  •  Spiritual Jewelry

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Chakra Bracelet – Healing Jewelry

Stimulate the balancing of your chakras by using our Heart Projects ChakraMid® Chakra Bracelet.

There are seven major Chakras (energy centers) in our bodies and each gemstone bead (6mm & 8mm) in this bracelet corresponds with one of the Chakras as noted below.

This bracelet measures approximately 7 3/4 inches in length.Gemstone Meanings(From left to right on bracelet)1st Chakra: Red Jasper – Red Jasper is thought to stimulate the base Chakra (the 1st Chakra) and to promote grounding, stability and protection. 2nd Chakra: Carnelian – Carnelian is said to powerfully enhance creativity and to protect one from anger, jealousy and fear. It can also stimulate pleasure and gratitude for the physical world.3rd Chakra: Yellow "Jade" – Actually a Jasper, this is a "Power" stone that promotes perseverance and tenacity. It helps to generate determination and courage in all you do.4th Chakra: Green Aventurine – Green Aventurine is associated with the Heart Chakra (the 4th Chakra). Used around the heart, it clears negative emotions and protects this Chakra, while gently bringing about a sense of calm, balance and happiness.5th Chakra: Amazonite – Amazonite is believed to a stone of truth, communication and integrity. It is thought to lessen stress and to be effective in facilitating self-expression and public speaking. It also enhances intuitive insight and creativity.6th Chakra: Sodalite – By uniting logic and intuition, Sodalite aids in aligning your Higher Mind with your daily activities. It is great for groups, speakers and teachers, as it instills harmony, trust and solidarity of purpose.7th Chakra: Amethyst – Thought to activate the right brain, Amethyst is said to help develop psychic abilities, increasing insight, and assisting in uplifting one to a higher spiritual level.If you need a small (7 inch) or large (8 1/2 inch) contact us immediately after purchasing thetitle thetitle

Features: Handcrafted in the US

Made with 6mm & 8mm Gemstone beads

Lobster claw closure

Measure approximately 7 3/4 inches.


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Blue Jade and Amethyst Necklace

Lovely pendant captures a striking blue jade within a flower of amethyst-dotted petals. Jewelry shimmers in sterling silver. 10 round prong-set amethysts measure 1.5 mm.

MetalType: sterling-silverTitle: Silver 20ct Blue Jade and Amethyst Necklace
4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
Beautiful, February 9, 2011
By Sandra L. Wilson – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Silver 20ct Blue Jade and Amethyst Necklace (Jewelry)
Bought this for my daughter on her thirteenth birthday. Absolutely beautiful necklace. She loved it. It came in a very pretty little blue bag with drawstrings. Clasp is strong and durable.

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